All Of My Heart

Mark Wayne Glasmire

Songs written and performed from every chamber of the heart, from the excitement of a new relationship, to the pain of one coming to an end and everything in between.

Mark Wayne Glasmire Singer/Songwriter

From the first moment Mark heard and saw the Beatles perform, on the Ed Sullivan Show, he knew that music would be a big part of his life. Soon after, his parents got him his first guitar. This was the starting point of what was to become his life long desire to write and perform his own music.

Early on, he had a few months of guitar lessons and learned some basic chords. Over the years he used these basics to mimic his favorite artists playing and singing styles. As a result, he was able to develop his own sound. This lead to his first paying gigs in local coffeehouses, while in college. After graduating, Mark went on to play at local bars, frat houses and festivals, in his hometown of Bethlehem PA.

Soon Mark had enough fan support and demand to warrant recording his first album, "Sad Songs", which was a collection of his own material. This opened the door to bigger and better gigs. Mark spent a good deal of time performing in Greenwhich Village, NY. There he was fortunate to share the stage with well-known acts such as Tom Paxton, Arlo Guthrie, Susan Vega, and Tracy Chapman. During this period, a write-up in the New York Times said," There aren't many artists who get as good as Mark".

Over the next few years, Mark went on to record an EP entitled "The Sun The Moon and The Seasons", a local favorite in NY. Later as an independent artist with Comstock Records, he released 2 singles, "Hey Girl" and "Can You Feel It", which received extensive radio airplay in over18 different countries throughout North America and Europe.

Mark made Nashville his home in Mid 1995, in order to be more involved in a creative community. He immediately began writing and performing in the "Music City" at writers-nights and local venues. After creating demand by receiving local airplay, Mark has recorded and released his most recent recording, "All Of My Heart", through Traceway Music. He wrote and/or co-wrote 10 of the 11 songs on the disc. He is presently receiving radio airplay throughout the Southeastern U.S. and Europe.

Mark has two other recording scheduled for release soon. The first, "NOW I BELIEVE" is a colection of 10 songs penned by Glasmire and some of his favorite co-writers. It is in the preocess of being packaged and should be available before the end of 05'. The other recording, "BACK TO THE BASICS" is a project that Glasmire feels is long over due. It is a collection of 12 songs that he wrote or co-wrote over the past few years. This is his first "strictly accoustic" project. He played all the guitar parts using "The Wayne", his custom, self-made accoustic guitar and performed all of the lead and background vocals himself. He is presently recording this project at Sonic Eden Studio, in Nashville, with John Albani at the controls. You can hear cuts from both CD's by clicking on the link below or by going to:

Also check out his website at:

Mail - Traceway Music, 2515 Weatherby Drive, Apt. 199, Arlington, TX 76006.

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