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Mark Wayne Glasmire: Bio

Mark Wayne Glasmire
Mark Wayne Glasmire is happier than he's ever been. His new, seven-song EP, MARK WAYNE GLASMIRE, was released in January and the project has already given the resident of Arlington, Texas a #1 European single ("I Like You"). "I'm in a really good place right now," says the personable singer/songwriter. "I'm spending a lot more time on my music - a luxury I've never had before." For Glasmire, the extra hours spent advancing his career are exciting and invigorating. "I really believe that music is my life's purpose, and I feel that this project shows that more than anything I've done before," he explains.
Mark's last CD, the critically-acclaimed LIFE GOES ON (2009) gave him several hits: "You Opened My Eyes" held the #1 spot on the International Country HotDisc Chart for a total of four weeks and performed well on the national U.S. Music Row Chart, while "Everything Is Gonna Be Alright" was a favorite at country radio around the globe. "LIFE GOES ON was a good album," Mark says. "But I think this new EP is even better."
MARK WAYNE GLASMIRE showcases this artist in top form: the songs are well-written and Mark's vocals are stellar. His crisp, clear tenor rises effortlessly, hitting the high notes with confidence and energy, while he artfully addresses the more tender ballads with emotive ease. Co-produced by Glasmire and John Albani (Steve Azar, Monty Holmes, Randy Boudreaux), the EP features A-list Nashville pickers, along with Mark's signature guitar work. "It was truly a labor of love," Mark says. "There's a certainty and commitment that I think come across in the music."
"Going Home," a poignant ode to the comforts of home, was inspired by a conversation Mark had with a good friend who was retiring after a long career in the U.S. Marine Corps. The wide-open chorus gives Mark's powerful voice a chance to shine, and the lyrics are those of a writer at the peak of his talent. "We were talking about where he'd been and where he was headed," Mark comments. "His story really moved me."
"I Like You" is a lighthearted song á la Jimmy Buffett. It immediately brings to mind swaying palm trees, warm breezes and sunny days. "It's a simple song," Glasmire concedes with a grin. "But people like to feel good - and this song always leaves them smiling."
Mark lets his personal opinions show on the driving "Last Of A Dying Breed." He calls it his "soap box" song, and explains that he was raised "differently" than many young folks today. "Accountability was important to my Dad," Glasmire notes. "And he made sure that I knew the importance of a good work ethic, honesty and compassion."
The sweet simplicity of "The Last Goodbye" (co-written with Craig Holland) offers a unique, hooky twist and an addictive, slow-building melody. The track offers a counter-point for the harder-driving "She's Got It All," which Glasmire co-wrote with Tom Guardino. The song showcases Mark's country/rock side, offering a Brooks & Dunn feel, a popping electric guitar lick, a razor-sharp harmonica riff and a lyric that tells the tale of a girl in red Dingo's and a faded blue-denim coat; a truck-stop meeting, and a love affair.
The more serious "The Moment" is one of Mark's favorite compositions. The road not taken and things left unsaid are pondered here. "I close every show with this song," Mark explains. "Athletes always talk about 'being in the moment'," he adds. "I know what they mean because I experience that whenever I step on the stage. You can't explain this to someone who's never felt it, but that doesn't make it any less real."

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Track seven is the bonus, "Now I Believe." Co-written with Lucas P. Gravell, the song offers listeners what may be Glasmire's best vocal performances to date, with a lush chorus and uplifting lyrics sweetening the deal. The track reached the #15 spot on the International Country HotDisc chart last year.
"I'm excited about this whole project in a way that's hard to convey," Mark observes. "This is my moment, and I'm giving my heart and soul to it."
Raised in a strict, faith-filled home, commitment and hard work are tenets that Glasmire understands. His first 14 years were filled with church activities. "My mom sang in the choir, and the church was really our whole social life," he adds. In the steel town of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Mark's blue-collar world revolved around a piano-playing dad who worked up to three jobs at a time to provide for his family.
His parents gave Mark his first guitar for Christmas the year that he turned 10, and it was a pivotal moment in his young life. "That was the moment that I knew music was what I wanted to do." Although his high school years were filled with athletics and work - not music, Mark returned to his guitar, and his dream, as soon as he was able. College saw him singing in coffee houses while earning a Business Administration degree. He also learned one of show biz's hardest lessons: You don't make much money until you reach the "big leagues."
For years, Glasmire worked a "real job" and put music on the back burner. But he always strove to improve; he studied the business end of things, wrote constantly and sang every chance he got. Mark gained experience in New York City's folk scene and at Nashville's storied writer's nights (Bluebird Cafe, Exit-In, Wildhorse Saloon). He lived in Music City for several years before he moved to Arlington, Texas.
"I was a little disillusioned," Mark confesses, after several years in Nashville without a major-label deal in hand. "But I kept after it." Glasmire became a popular fixture in the Texas market, opening for Guy Clark, Dierks Bentley and other top-tier acts. With the release of LIFE GOES ON, Mark secured a place in the spotlight; he enjoyed several hits, and won several songwriting competitions. His awards include First Place Honors in: B. W. Stevenson Memorial Songwriting Competition - Dallas, TX, Dallas Songwriters Association Int’l Songwriting Competition - Dallas, TX and GINA/LAWIM Songwriting Competition - Los Angeles, CA. Mark took the Grand Prize in the County Song division of the 2010 Chris Austin Songwriting Contest (held at Merlefest).
Now he hopes that the new EP will help to further nurture the dream. "Hey, I don't need to be a household name to make a living with my music," Mark stated on a recent blistering-hot Texas day. "But I'm going on several major radio promo tours, I have a new video, and I'm putting everything I can into this project to take things to the next level." For Mark the time is now, and the vehicle is MARK WAYNE GLASMIRE. It should drive him to the top - where he deserves to be.

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